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Posh. Frugal. Chic. is always looking for 

new products to review.

I have the ability to review anything and everything! 
Products for babies, children, adults & pets.
Even travel, entertainment, events & more. 
**However, I only accept products that I feel are
appropriate for my readers.

Please email requests to: 
                        Subject Line: REVIEW

I also have the ability to host a giveaway for my readers. These
are arranged on an individual biases.

PR Policy:

When applicable, a full-sized product is required for all reviews and will not be returned. You will be responsible for any shipping costs involved. In the event an item arrives damaged and can not be reviewed, you must provide a paid shipping label for its return.

Please allow up to 30 days for the product review to be posted, unless other arrangements have been made. I generally post much sooner. However, there are times when the product much be 
tested longer to provide an accurate review. 

My goal is to share the things I love with my readers. I will only publish honest, unbiased opinions about service or products. However, I will never publish a negative review. I will contact you with any concern I may have. 

All reviews will include:

  • product photos
  • links to your site
  • information on where to buy the product 
  • a disclosure per FTC guidelines

In addition to sharing the review with my blog readers, 
I will share on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest
  • G+ 
  • Instagram

 (I also have the ability to share on Youtube 
   if arranged in advance)

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  1. My name is Amethyst and I'm hoping you will feature my family's idea one that I think you and your fans will love.

    Cocoa4aCause is a one-of-a-kind food truck that offers delicious, organic cocoa while on a mission to give to those in need. The unique business will donate a large portion of proceeds from sales to handpicked charities. I’ve chosen to sponsor foundations that have a perfect score in fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

    The idea for this charitable truck was inspired by the my daughters, Hailey and Kayla. These young entrepreneurs, aged 7 and 4, started the business plan with a drink stand. Unable to secure a business license due to age, the girls decided to give their drinks away for free. 10 gallons later, the two “sold” out their entire stock and collected a sizable amount of donations to go toward children’s cancer research. I, at that moment, decided it was time for expansion hence Cocoa4aCause was created.

    Cocoa4aCause food trucks will offer delectable cocoa flavors that include double chocolate, peppermint, and cinnamon. Patrons can also purchase salads, fruit cups, smoothies, healthy baked goods, and much more. We offer vegan, dairy-free, and gluten options and stick to fair trade, locally sourced ingredients.

    I would love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative project and share more information about Cocoa4aCause with you! Please support our campaign at, and thanks so much for your time! I hope to hear from you soon about working together on this unique story idea.


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